The greatest wealth is health

Friday, April 7th, 2017

“When health is absent

         Wisdom cannot reveal itself

Art cannot manifest

          Strength cannot fight

Wealth becomes useless

          Intelligence cannot be applied.

The thousands of mysteries around

          Would not trouble but interest us

If only we had cheerful, healthy hearts and minds.”

“Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space … but rather to improve the quality of life.” — Bertrand Piccard

On the occasion of World health day this year, let me take this moment to appreciate the spirit of all my patients going through the challenging journey of tests and treatments, towards achieving motherhood. These women portray tremendous strength and tolerance. It takes real courage to plunge into an enormous storm of uncertainties. As a doctor and as a woman, I wish them luck and assure to support them through their stormy path towards sunshine.

“Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers

You to grow into your highest self. You were given this life

Because you were strong enough to live it. 

So Believe in yourself and don’t give in without a fight.”

By Dr. Tejashree Singh

Specialist OB/GYN