About Fakih IVF Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

Fakih IVF offers IVF treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. We have a high rate of success in all of our wide variety of assisted reproduction treatments. Our treatments include: IVF-ICSI, Natural Cycle IVF, gender selection, PGD for avoiding hereditary diseases, Microarray for avoiding miscarriages, Male Infertility and many more.

  • Continuously improving medical protocols and practices to increase our high success rates.
  • Fakih IVF is the only IVF center in the Middle East with an in-house Genetics Lab.
  • Investment in the latest technology. Fakih IVF introduced the first EmbryoScope in the UAE, a groundbreaking technology in the field of reproductive medicine.
  • Fakih IVF was the first center in the UAE to perform a MicroTESE: a procedure that allows for sperm to be found even if sperm retrievals done earlier did not produce viable sperm for IVF.
  • Fakih IVF is the first center in the UAE to achieve an ongoing pregnancy for a Single Gene Disorder and HLA Matching for a leukemia sibling looking for a bone marrow donor.

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