A Semen Analysis is an effective tool to assess a man’s fertility. Fakih IVF Fertility Center offers Semen Analysis in all of our locations. A Semen Analysis evaluates the amount and quality of a man’s semen and sperm to determine male fertility. In order to obtain an accurate result, it is recommended that the analysis be performed after abstaining from sexual activity for two to five days. Semen Analysis assesses:

  • Motility – movement of the sperm
  • Morphology – percentage of sperm with normal shape
  • Count – the number of sperm present in one sample
  • Vitality – ability to live

A Semen Analysis can help clarify if a male reproductive problem is causing infertility and what fertility treatment would be best suited.

About Sperm

Semen Analysis Fakih IVF Dubai Abu Dhabi Al Ain UAE
The Head: Contains the genetic information of the sperm. The Acrosome is responsible for the release of enzymes involved in the fertilization process.

The Mid-Piece: Contains mitochondria that generate the energy required to “swim” towards the egg.

The Tail: Contains microtubules that propel the sperm along the female’s fallopian tubes.

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