For Thiqa Insurance Card Holders Only

Our Insurance Department has designed a payment scheme for patients under the Thiqa Insurance Program. Fakih IVF has arrangements for Thiqa insurance cardholders for both networks –  UAE Private/ Abu Dhabi Public & Private and Abu Dhabi Public & Private.  

These categories cover the following treatments & services at our centers: 3 full IVF cycles per year (with additional privileges), IUI, PGD for single gene disorder, all the stimulation with zero co-pay, in addition to all OB/GYN procedures such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, cauterization, HyCoSy testing, and other infertility procedures. 

Our Insurance Department follows guidelines to educate our patients about insurance policies as well as registering, guiding and briefing patients about the requirements and a financial estimation prior to obtaining a pre-approval for all surgical procedures.

Are my maternity visits and delivery fees covered by insurance? 

Maternity coverage varies by insurance companies and insurance plans. On your first visit, please present your insurance card to the reception and our staff will help you in clarifying what visits are covered. Please note that maternity coverage typically becomes effective one year after adjusting your insurance plan.

Is my infertility or IVF treatment covered by insurance? 

Coverage of infertility treatment and maternity visits varies by insurance company. Some companies offer full coverage while others offer partial or full coverage. Therefore, coverage of any treatment is subject to prior approval from your insurance company. 

PGD for ruling out any abnormalities in the embryos may be covered by your insurance subject to prior authorization and approval. However, PGD for family balancing or gender selection is not covered. 

The following insurance definitions may be helpful for understanding your coverage plan: 

  • Inpatient: operations (e.g. hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, etc). If inpatient is covered, we need to obtain approval first. If it is not covered, you need to pay first and then request for reimbursement. 
  • Outpatient: Consultations, ultrasound tests, blood tests. 
  • Deductible: You may need to pay a deductible (or “out-of-pocket-expense”) as mentioned in your policy. 
  • Fertility treatment: IUI, IVF, ICSI, FET, TESA, etc. 

Below are the networks that Fakih IVF Abu Dhabi works with: 

If you have any queries regarding medical coverage in Abu Dhabi, please email our Insurance Director, Dr. Amal Salama, at

Below are the networks that Fakih IVF Dubai works with:

If you have any queries regarding medical coverage in Dubai, please email our Insurance Manager, Rajesh Kumar, at