Many of us are longing for a summer vacation, but what if you’re amidst your IVF treatment? There may be times in your IVF cycle when you need to stay home. Well, get ready to say “bon voyage,” because, with careful planning and coordination with your fertility specialist, it’s often possible to travel during fertility treatment.

Here are some helpful tips that will help make traveling easier:

1- Plan ahead:  Check in with your fertility team before making travel arrangements. You may need to curtail travel during certain periods of your treatments, especially with IVF. Your doctor and fertility team can help you review your treatment plan and identify when are the best times for travel.

2- Travel Vaccines: Check with your fertility center before getting any recommended travel vaccinations. Some vaccinations may not be recommended for patients who are in the midst of a fertility treatment cycle.

3- Carry all medications with you: Make sure you will have enough medication to last through the duration of your trip. If you’ll need a refill while traveling, talk to your doctor well in advance to arrange for refills that you can pick up at your destination. And ask him for a note that verifies your need to travel with medications. Put copies of the note in your purse or carry-on bag along with your medication. Make sure to check your airline’s guidelines regarding traveling with medications and/or syringes and needles. Keep all prescription medications in their original packaging.

4- Bring a small cooler and ice packs: For medication that needs to be refrigerated, you can use a good quality cooler and some ice packs. Make sure to test your cooler beforehand to be sure it will hold the correct temperature for the duration of your flight plus any delays that may occur Remember to bring the other items you will need, such as alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, gauze, and a container for sharps disposal.

5- Think through your medication schedule: If you are traveling to a different time zone, consult with your fertility specialist about whether adjustments to your medication schedule are needed. Bring a medication schedule to help you stay on track, and put reminders or alerts on your phone. Using your medications on schedule is essential to having a successful IVF cycle.

6- Locate Fertility Support at Your Destination: Ask your doctor to refer you to a trusted fertility specialist near your destination so you can have your routine monitoring during your trip if you are required to get blood work or an ultrasound done if needed. When you arrive at your destination, locate the nearest pharmacy and hospital in case you need a prescription refill or there is a medical emergency.

7- Fill out the contact information: Bring contact information for your fertility clinic, pharmacy, and insurance company in case you have questions or encountered a problem.