Wearing tight-fitting clothing is threatening your health. It can impede the free-flowing circulation of blood within the body this can lead to health problems including blood clotting, hypothermia (reduced body temperature), numbness and many stomach issues including heartburn, abdominal pain, indigestion, and constipation. But how is the effect for tight clothes on your fertility?

Tight clothes pose a significant threat to the reproductive health and fertility of men and women alike.

Women wearing tight clothes can find that they are more prone to problems such yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginosis. it can also cause bruising to the urethra – which is another factor that leads to the development of urinary tract infections like cystitis.

Wearing tight clothing will trigger endometrial cells (cervical mucous) to escape from the cavity of the uterus and settles in the ovaries so that health becomes impaired. The pile of sweat that is around the area often cause problems, such as the onset of fungus, vaginal discharge or itching. If this is allowed to continue; it will cause mildew around the female sex organs. It is certain that a woman will experience a variety of vaginal environment disorders and will become very unbalanced and makes it harder for the sperm to reach the cervical opening.

For men wearing tight clothes can trap the testicles near to the body and prevent the important movement which enables the testicles to move nearer or further from the body. If the testicles can’t move away, they can be exposed to high body temperatures for long periods of time – which causes sperm and sperm-producing cell damage.

Tight clothes can also put pressure on the bladder and encourage the breeding of dangerous bacteria by the groin, which can then enter the body and cause urinary tract infections. Tight fitting clothes are also linked to low sperm count and fungal infections.

If the testes are too hot for too long, sperm production is interrupted and won’t return to normal until their temperature returns to normal. It can take a few months of keeping the testicles at a normal temperature for sperm counts to improve if they have been lowered by heat stress.

Our advice:

It’s important for women and men to stay away from wearing tight clothes and wear trousers and underwear that allow for ventilation and comfort around the groin. It’s a good idea to wear underwear and trousers that are made of a breathable material like cotton. Ditch synthetic materials that trap moisture and heat, as these only encourage bacteria growth and discomfort!