It is no secret that cosmetics are full of Chemicals. It should also be no secret that Chemicals have a direct connection to infertility. It is not just cosmetics either, it is nail polish, perfumes, anti-aging creams and more.

The researchers on the subject of infertility are pointing to the potential side- effects that Chemicals in cosmetic and beauty products is having on women’s hormones and reproductive systems. Several endocrines- disrupting Chemicals have been identified to affect abnormal ovarian function which can cause miscarriages and female infertility.

Man or Women who don’t apply makeup are also not off the hook. These common Chemicals, most notably parabens are found in many lotions, shave gels, shampoos, body washes and soaps.

The hope is that organic cosmetics, as well as those that are obtained natural sources, may be safer, but in the key window of embryogenesis (the first 12 weeks of pregnancy), it is better to use unnecessary cosmetic products in moderation.