Father’s Day and infertility can be difficult. When you are trying to have a baby without success, celebration days like Father’s Day can serve as a painful reminder of infertility.
About 40% of the time, infertility is caused by low sperm count, poor sperm quality, or inability to produce sperm. As a man ages, the quality and quantity of his sperm may decline. The test to check them is called semen analysis. It will look at the sperm count, volume, concentration, motility, and structure of the sample.

Here is some advice for coping with male infertility on Father’s Day.

Acknowledge whatever you’re experiencing: If you feel angry, sad, unhappy, lost, or numb, to name a few, let yourself be aware of what you’re feeling.

-Pay attention to signs of anger/irritability: These two emotions often mask depression or sadness. Men may often turn to alcohol or choose to throw themselves into work or other activities.

Take care of yourself: When you’re depressed, it’s easy to forget about sleeping, exercising, or eating a healthy diet. Proper sleeping habits and a nutrient-rich diet can help your body repair itself. Exercise boosts the amount of serotonin, the feel-good hormone in the brain.

Stay away from restaurants or places where families may be gathering: Graciously decline requests to attend Father’s Day events – respect your limits.

Prioritize yourself and your partner when facing Father’s Day and infertility: Don’t feel like you have to do anything on Father’s Day that will make you or your partner uncomfortable. For example, if your family is hosting a gathering that will include babies or children, you don’t have to attend. Your loved ones will understand.

Talk with others:  Many men internalize their emotions, but having the opportunity to discuss feelings with friends, support groups, or professionals can help. Others who have experienced infertility can assure those who are struggling that they are not alone.

Find a distraction: Family and friends who know about the situation can offer support by planning a distraction to take one’s mind off Father’s Day. Be sure to allow emotions and avoid triggers that will remind men of their infertile status like places where young children are celebrating with their parents.

Find an answer for your infertility struggles: Trying to get pregnant and not achieving success can create frustration and disappointment. Holidays like Father’s Day only make those feelings worse. Call us to schedule a consultation and our doctors will work to identify the issues hindering your ability to conceive, and assist you in achieving your dreams of parenthood.

Celebrate Father’s Day with gusto: If you pursue IVF and other fertility treatments already like a father, you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle habits, you make sure to get enough sleep and you can already feel your baby in your arms. In this way – your inner-fatherhood feeling may already be developed, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating this.