General Questions: Facility, Appointments and Services

Are all procedures performed at Fakih IVF?

Yes, at Fakih IVF all procedures and laboratory work is conveniently performed in our facilities. Those procedures include blood tests, ultrasounds, egg retrievals, genetic testing (CCS, PGD, Gender Selection for Family Balancing and more), embryo transfers, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy operations.

How soon can I get an appointment with a Fakih IVF doctor?

We do not have waiting lists to see our physicians. You can typically get an appointment with the physician you are interested in within 1-4 days. Book an appointment online to get started.

Do you only provide IVF services?

No. Fakih IVF offers routine gynecology examinations, PAP-smears and consultations regarding female health and well-being. Our physicians are also experts in helping women with PCOS who would like to curb their symptoms and as well a large range of other gynecological issues. We also have a large team of Obstetricians who can treat you throughout your pregnancy. Fakih IVF's Genetics Laboratory also provides a full range of genetic testing services.