Male Infertility: Low Sperm Count, Low Motility and Treatments

Can you help men with Azoospermia?

Fakih IVF has several treatment options for men with Obstructive or Non-Obstructive Azoospermia. Fakih IVF's Urology Department is led by Dr. Rupin Shah. With over 24 years of experience, Dr. Shah is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Male Infertility.

  1. Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) is a minor procedure that typically takes 5-10 minutes under sedation. TESA is generally an option for men with Obstructive Azoospermia where it is expected that sperm will be found easily. During the procedure, sperm is directly removed from the testes to be used in an IVF-ICSI cycle.
  2. Testicular Mapping is a minimally invasive procedure during which a fine needle is placed in different areas of the testes to obtain small samples of testicular fluid. The aspirate is fixed on a slide and checked for sperm following the procedure. If sperm is found, a future sperm retrieval will be scheduled during an IVF-ICSI Cycle and will be carried out from the sites where sperm was found during the original mapping.
  3. Advanced Testicular Mapping is a technique during which a fine needle is placed in different areas of the testes, aspirating small samples of testicular fluid that is immediately analyzed for viable sperm. If viable sperm is found, it is frozen and used in a future IVF-ICSI cycle.
  4. Micro-Dissection TESE (MicroTESE) is an invasive procedure utilized to locate sperm in men with Non-Obstructive Azoospermia or severe testicular failure. MicroTESE is especially helpful in these men as there may be very localized areas of sperm production that may be missed during blind biopsies or needle aspiration procedures. During a MicroTESE, the testes are surgically opened, tissue is inspected under a microscope and an intense search of every part of the testicle is performed to locate healthy areas that are more likely to contain sperm.
  5. Simultaneous Staged Sperm Retrieval Procedure begins with Advanced Testicular Mapping, a technique during which a fine needle is placed in different areas of the testes, aspirating small samples of testicular tissue that is immediately analyzed for viable sperm. If adequate numbers of viable sperm are found, the procedure is terminated and the man is spared the open surgical Micro-Dissection TESE (MicroTESE). If no sperm is found in the aspirated samples, the surgeon immediately proceeds to perform a MicroTESE. Through Simultaneous Staged Sperm Retrieval, men get the highest chance of success with the least invasive method needed.

To read about our treatment options available for Male Infertility, ream more on the Fakih IVF Male Infertility page.

Is it Important to have High Sperm count and Good Motility for IVF?

You have low sperm count or poor motility, Fakih IVF has treatment options available for you. At Fakih IVF we use Intra - cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in conjunction with IVF in order to improve chances of fertilization by injecting a single sperm into each egg. With this procedure, we can work with as little as one sperm and sperm with very low motility. We may also suggest a regime of supplements to improve sperm quality.