Effects of fasting on fertility, it is one of the most common questions. If you and your partner are looking to start a family, you might have concerns about this topic.

Fasting allows for all the toxins to be removed from the cells, hormones to be rebalanced, the liver to metabolise any excess hormones floating around the body such as  xenoestrogens (found in chemicals, plastics, and pesticides which create an imbalance in natural estrogen levels) and cortisol (stress hormone which can lead to inflammation, exhaustion, poor cellular function) which may be leading to infertility.  Inflammation is decreased, all organs regenerated, blood sugars rebalanced, immune system boosted, nervous system rested and reproductive system balanced – amongst many other positive side effects – getting your body cleansed, detoxed, healthy and ready for fertility.

Fasting helps boost fertility among IVF patient without success because it pulls out excess or synthetic hormones, cleanses the liver, alkalizes the bloodstream and reboots the natural hormonal process of the body.