International Women’s Day (March 8) is a worldwide day celebrating the social, financial, economic and political accomplishments of women. The campaign in 2019 is #BalanceforBetter and the theme provides a unified direction to guide and build a gender-balanced world.

If you are a career-oriented woman, we would like to share with you some tips to help maintain a positive life and fertility:

Healthy lifestyle: Ensure we maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle by ensuring the intake of a healthy diet and regular physical exercises.

Take Folic Acid: It has been shown to prevent spina bifida in babies, it is vital that you get enough Folic acid before and during pregnancy. But this vitamin can also help you on a number of levels. It belongs to the B-complex family of vitamins that target production of the genetic materials DNA and RNA, both in the egg and the sperm. When you combine Folic Acid with the other B vitamins, you can also increase your overall chances of becoming pregnant.

Work Around Your Cycle and Use Ovulation Tests: It’s no secret that women have the best chance of becoming pregnant during ovulation. This 12-24-hour window usually happens anywhere between 12 and 14 days before your period starts, based on a regular 28-day cycle, and you are most fertile two to three days prior through the first day of ovulation. It is important to note that sperm can live in the uterus for three to five days, so having sexual intercourse leading up to ovulation can help to be pregnant.

A regular visit to doctors: A consultation and basic fertility evaluation is an affordable way to get a snapshot of your fertility potential. Hence, it is always advisable to keep a check on your biological clock, as fertility can be a confusing part of life and need a lot of care to boost it.

Physical Exams: The physical exam will probably include a pelvic examination and a pap smear to check the health of your reproductive organs and breasts, and to look for problems like tumors, cysts, infections, or inflammation. Don’t miss it do AMH screening.

Egg Freezing:  If you are looking to delay pregnancy due to career or any other reasons, Egg freezing offers you the flexibility to delay your pregnancy for a later stage in life and allows you to take control of your own biological clock. It offers us the opportunity to sequence our work life.