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  • Mrs. Miller’s experience with Fakih IVF

    Monday, May 8, 2017

    “There is light at the end of every tunnel, Keep moving- all you need is a little Faith”

    “Firstly let me tell you IVF works – it really does. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a simple or easy process, but it works and it is worth every step of it.

    Our IVF journey began in 2012 when, after many years of trying to pregnant we went to a clinic in Dubai. To cut a long story short at this stage, we didn’t have a good experience. We spent a lot of money having lots f treatment, procedures and injections all resulting in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. Our Doctor whilst very qualified, just didn’t seem interested in us and what was happening and shrugged his shoulders when we asked: “what next?”.

    Well “what next?” was a lovely holiday and time to think and time to Google, and what Google came up with was Fakih IVF. Cycle Day 2 was the day we flew home so I booked an appointment for as soon as we landed and we met with Dr. Fakih. Instantly we were put at ease. A plan was created – and explained to us in terms we could understand – and we started a Natural Cycle of IVF with Dr. Ghina. Everything went well, we got our embryo, it was implanted and a few weeks later we saw our baby on the scanner screen. Nothing can describe that feeling – but we’d been here once before and the worry set in. We were referred to the amazing Dr. Samer who specializes in high-risk pregnancy. Such a great Doctor, he immediately puts you at ease. I had an incompetent cervix which required an operation – all of which was explained to us and carried out by Dr. Samer. Fast forward to 36 weeks and we were suddenly (and a little ahead of schedule) seeing Dr. Samer at 4am for a C-Section delivery of our daughter Sophie.

    Skip forward a few more years to 2015 and we decided we were ready to try and expand our family further. There was no doubt in our minds where we would go, it was straight to Fakih IVF. We were so happy to know that both our wonderful doctors, Dr. Ghina and Dr. Samer were still there. We tried another natural cycle but were not successful. A little older in actual years and even more so in fertility years, we discussed the different options available to us and we went for a medicated cycle. We got 3 embryos which were transferred and soon enough I found out I was pregnant with twins! Again that feeling is something you cannot describe. We were looked after by Dr. Samer and at 33 weeks (my children are impatient!) we met him at the hospital at 6am for the C-Section delivery of our twin daughters Phoebe and Chloe.

    The thing I love about Fakih IVF and the team there is that you are treated as a person. Everyone is different and has a different fertility story and they see and understand that – there is not set approach to patients, no standard offering and you aren’t treated like a walking bag of money. The receptionists, the nurses, the embryology team, the surgical team and the doctors are all on your side and happy to help with questions and explanations. The state of the art facility they have is super impressive and again points to how invested they are in providing the best medical care and fertility services.

    And now almost a year on we are getting ready to celebrate our twins 1st birthday. Their big sister adores them and they really are the biggest blessing in the world. So thank you to everyone at Fakih IVF, especially Dr. Fakih himself, Dr. Ghina and Dr. Samer, for giving us the three children we always wanted. We owe you so much for our happiness.”

    By Mrs. Miller