“Coming from a conservative Indian background going for a fertility treatment is nothing less than a taboo, especially since I have a 8 yr. old boy. I was suffering from secondary infertility because of my weight, it’s my son’s daily prayers to god that made me want a second baby but after going to 3 doctors in Abu Dhabi all of whom told that it will BE TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to conceive, I REACHED FAKIH IVF. Dr. Monikaa Chawla not only counselled me and gave me hope, she also treated me from her heart.

She made me understand that fertility treatment is not something unnatural it is just something that helps the body work better to conceive. I would’ve given up long back and this dream wouldn’t have ever come true hadn’t it been for Dr. Monikaa, God bless you Dr .especially for every dream come true in every family may you and your family be blessed.

Waiting to meet u soon, I would also like to always recommend FAKIH IVF for their warm and comforting staff. I will always remember you Dr. Monika and will always tell my baby girl about you.”

By Kavita Sharma blessed with a beautiful baby girl Bhavya