Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dr. Ahmad Fakih Earns a New Title

Dr. Ahmad Fakih earned a new title and is now officially licensed as a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility– check out his profile here 

Since joining Fakih IVF he has treated over 2000 infertile couples with high success rates of pregnancy and amassed a wealth of experience.  He has also taken care of 1000s of pregnant women and successfully delivered them. His interests lie in treating the most challenging and complex infertility problems; (recurrent IVF failures, implantation failures and decreased ovarian reserve).  His best days at Fakih IVF are seeing his patients’ fertility journey come to an end.  Dr. Ahmad is a difference-maker.
He is highly qualified to treat all Infertility issues and perform all necessary surgical procedures.

Dr. Ahmad Fakih

Consultant Reproductive Medicine And Infertility