Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dr. Michael Fakih brings world leaders IVF to UAE

Fakih IVF, headed by Dr. Michael Fakih, held a symposium on December 9 at The Address Downtown Dubai to share global scientific advances in the field of reproductive medicine. Chairperson Dr. Fakih and his faculty of 4 colleagues from the United States discussed the latest medical and surgical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female infertility, highlighting how these methods are adapted to care for an individual patient. The world leaders in attendance with Dr. Fakih included Drs. Angeline N. Beltsos, Craig S. Niederberger, Kevin J. Doody, and Richard T. Scott Jr. Dr. Beltsos is Medical Director of IVF Chicago and has been honored as one of America’s “Top Doctors” by Castle Connelly for many years. Dr. Niederberger is Head of the Department of Urology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is Co-Editor in Chief of Fertility and Sterility, the mostreferenced scientific journal in reproductive medicine in the world. Dr. Doody has been honored as one of Fort Worth’s “Top Docs”, one of Texas’ “Super Doctors” and one of the Best Doctors in America for many years. Dr. Scott is a recognized world leader in the area of ovulation induction for assisted reproduction and has received numerous awards from leading medical groups and patient advocacy associations. Drs. Beltsos, Doody and Scott are board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, and Dr. Niederberger is a board-certified urologist. With many of the world’s most sophisticated physicians and health professionals in attendance, the symposium culminated with Dr. Fakih reporting publicly for the first time a successful new stimulation protocol that safely improves the chances of pregnancy for couples struggling with infertility. This discovery follows many great breakthroughs in IVF by Dr. Fakih. The symposium opened with a warm welcome and introduction by Dr. Fakih. Lectures and panel discussions that followed explored the challenges facing reproductive medicine and the research underway to provide solutions.

About Fakih IVF Dr. Michael H.Fakih is recognized as a leader in the field of assisted reproduction and is responsible for over 10,000 IVF deliveries. His continuous efforts in the innovation of new techniques have made him a pioneer in his field. Fakih IVF center continues to have one of the highest success rates in the world. All procedures at Fakih IVF are done with excellence, confidentiality and compassion for all those who come under their care.