Saturday, February 22, 2014

Global Infertility Experts Meet for UAE Reproductive Symposum

Leading international experts will be presenting the latest advances in infertility treatments at the upcoming UAE Reproductive Symposium in Dubai.

The third annual event will be held on February 27 and 28 at Park Hyatt.

The UAE Reproductive Symposium is an annual event hosted by Fakih IVF, the first private IVF center in Dubai, to improve the standard of healthcare in the UAE.

This year’s event has been accredited by the Ministry of Health for a total of 12 CME credits because of its high caliber of faculty and content to be presented. Following the success of the 2013 symposium, the 2014 edition has doubled the number of faculty speakers and will present a comprehensive overview of the medical and technological advancements in reproductive medicine.

Chaired by Dr Michael Fakih, a pioneer in the field of infertility treatment, this year’s symposium brings together over 250 physicians and guests to discuss advancements in the field of reproductive medicine and share their expertise. “When Fakih IVF opened the first private IVF center in Dubai in 2011, we created the UAE Reproductive Symposium as part of our commitment to achieving and contributing to medical excellence. The participation of medical experts from around the world brought together by this event helps in positioning the UAE as a center of excellence in this constantly evolving medical sector,” said Dr Fakih.

The event will include 18 presentations led by experts from USA, UK, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, Lebanon and India specializing in genetics, fertility, obstetrics, gynaecology, embryology and male reproductive urology. Topics include: preserving fertility in cancer patients, male infertility, embryo freezing, obesity and infertility, advancements in IVF treatment and genetic testing. In addition to the presentations, a live workshop will be held on the latest ultrasound techniques.