Monday, February 27, 2017

Post Graduate course in Reproductive Medicine at FAKIH IVF

The post graduate course in reproductive medicine at FAKIH IVF, Abu Dhabi and Dubai was organized in collaboration with the Schleswig-Holstein University from 22nd to 24th February 2017. It brought together 25 delegates from  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and India who are practicing gynecologists in their country and interested in Reproductive medicine as a subspecialty.

The faculty included the  course directors Dr. Michael Fakih and Dr. Monika Chawla, Professor Liselotte Mettler and Professor Devroey. The course had a theoretical component with lectures on both basics and advanced current topics and controversies of reproductive medicine. There was a comprehensive andrology workshop on the first day with hands on sperm preparation methods in Dubai led by Dr. Mohammed Shmoury and Dr. Mays Adalham. This was followed by the tour of the genetic laboratory where  Dr. Ali  Hellani explained to the delegates all the methods of genetic testing including NGS techniques in detail.

The day two of the course had an intensive full day  IVF workshop in Abu Dhabi which had a hands-on virtual lab ( led by Dr. Geraldine and Dr. Yousef ), simulation models for egg collections and embryo transfers, demonstration of patient procedures and lab procedures such as assisted hatching , ICSI and embryo biopsy. It was a unique wholesome experience for the gynecologists to observe the pathways  of management   for the patients.

The third day had some interesting lectures, case discussions and an assessment of the knowledge acquired in the course. This was followed by the certification and diploma distribution. The course offered 19 CME points by the Dubai health authority. The feedback from the delegates was excellent. It was a pioneer comprehensive reproductive medicine workshop and first such course to be held in the middle east.

FAKIH IVF is proud to be the first institute in the UAE  to disseminate   knowledge and skill to the gynecologists in the field in a structured manner. Fakih IVF displayed high professional standards of  excellence with  unmatched expertise and skill of its physicians and embryologists which set a benchmark for the quality of such services amongst the best units in the world.