Prostate Cancer accounts for a large percentage of cancer morbidity in men. However, if caught early, prostate cancer can be treated easily. Unfortunately, the treatment of prostate cancer can render you infertile, affecting your chances of conceiving a child.

The prostate produces the fluid that helps keep semen liquid. Once the prostate is removed, a man can no longer secrete semen or ejaculate semen. Infertility is an unavoidable and permanent consequence of prostate cancer surgery.

Moreover, radiotherapy or hormone therapy for prostate cancer might affect semen production by lowering it or stopping it altogether. Radiotherapy damages the sperm as well as the sperm count (it reduces it).

In some cases, men can remain fertile while undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy but these treatments are known to affect the sperm which in return damages the development of the baby. It is highly advised to use contraception during such treatment to avoid pregnancy while receiving these treatments.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and maintaining the possibility of fatherhood is important to you, we recommend you seek the opinion of a fertility specialist to discuss options to preserve your fertility.

Our specialists at Fakih IVF in our state-of-the-art facilities, can assist you with sperm freezing. By freezing your sperm prior to cancer treatment, you can preserve your fertility. The sperm will stay frozen, or “banked,” until you need them. Freezing—even for many years—does not damage sperm.

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