Summer can be a particularly challenging time as many often tend to travel for summer vacations, where you come across baby reminders almost everywhere. Most couples often announce about their new pregnancies during family reunions and then they start inquiring about your baby plans. Summer months can surely be tricky and for couples going through infertility. We know it could be quite depressing and frustrating when you are in this situation.

To help couples dealing with infertility issues during summer months, below are the 5 key points to avoid facing such situations.

Tip 1: There are a few family members who will constantly be asking you that same inevitable question, “when are you going to have a baby?” – be prepared in advance to answer them by saying politely ,”not yet but we are planning to expand our family soon.”

Tip 2: If any parties or events full of kids makes you feel depressed, then avoid going to such parties. It is always better to be at home within your comfort zone rather than visiting such places which may make you feel low.

Tip 3: A supportive spouse is key to your happiness. Talk to your partner about your feelings and spend more time together. Do things together which make you happy. Remember your partner needs to stop focusing on infertility worries as well so include him or her in some of your summer time activities to keep your relationship strong during this stressful time.

Tip 4: Select a great beach location that emphasizes relaxation and tranquility, to distract you and your spouse from infertility stress, look for an adults-only all-inclusive beach resort that has multiple activities included to provide plenty of fun. Even though your wallet may be stretched thin by infertility treatments, with a little bit of research you can often find great off-peak deals.

Tip 5: A woman’s chances of becoming pregnant with IVF treatment are twice as high in the summer, researchers have found. So get ready for fertility treatment by relaxing and recharging emotionally and physically. Doctors have discovered that the hormone melatonin, which affects sleep patterns, could also make women more fertile during lighter months. Dr. Simon Wood, who led the study, released details at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Montreal, said that “melatonin played a part in priming the fertility of women and not just in determining their sleeping and waking patterns. The hormone may act directly on reproductive tissues to make women more fertile during the lighter summer months. This means babies born in the spring will have six to eight months to develop before facing their first winter.”

So start your fertility treatment this summer and enjoy parenthood by the next.