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  • Alia Abdulla

    Monday, December 23, 2019

    I have 3 beautiful kids and i am currently pregnant! Thanks for (Dr Ghina) she is the BEST!
    From my experience i never regretted going to DR GHINA, i trust her and she treats you like a sister and she always answers your questions and gives you time to ask and makes you feel relief when ever you need questions to be answered.

    I love Dr Ghina i see her as a sister more then DR, Because she always made me feel secured and gave me hope♥️

    My IVF cycles has been successful from the first treatment “thanks God” and Thanks Fakih ivf.
    My family is completed ♥️ And they made my dreams come true with no struggling! All was smooth and easy.

    Dr Gina God bless you and thank you for everything♥️🌹