I had four miscarriages before seeing Dr.Monica Chawala @Fakih IVF. I had consulted many doctors in UAE and India about my miscarriages, but none of them could identify the reason for the miscarriage. We did all the possible test, including chromosomal test to identify the reason. However, all the test came as negative. Every time when I get pregnant, I will miscarry within 10 weeks. Finally, I thought of quitting my Job and go to India for the treatment before becoming pregnant again. At this Juncture, my husband came to know about Dr.Monica Chawala in Fakih IVF center and informed me that we will go to this hospital as a final try before going to India. We met Dr.Moncia Chawla and during the first visit itself, she suspected that there is a possibility of a septum in my uterus, and requested us to do the hysteroscopy procedure. I went through the procedure, and she found a huge septum and removed it. Now I’m in my sixth month of my pregnancy expecting a baby girl. I thank god for showing Fakih IVF team and Dr.Monica Chawala, who was so kind and provided us the emotional support during these days. May God continue to bless Fakih IVF team and help them to provide more care and solutions to many patients who are suffering with pregnancy issues.