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  • Karthi

    Saturday, November 11, 2017

    After 5 years of fertility struggles, we managed to get pregnant at our very first try at IVF with Dr Monikaa Chawla, from Faikh IVF. Dr Monika was the second Dr we consulted and we immediately felt convinced to go ahead with the procedure. Thank god for that, I am now 12 weeks pregnant!

    We are so glad we chose Dr Monika. She’s definitely one of the best fertility doctors in Abu Dhabi. I have seen lots of couples from UAE and from outside UAE getting treatment from her. She’s really the best in what she does!

    The nurses and staffs there are really amazing. My whole IVF treatment lasted for about 2 months. The staffs there are very professional and nice. Be it the person who takes your blood or the nurse who jabs you or the nurse who does the Ultrasound. Each and everyone of them made my IVF journey a pleasant one. It wasn’t at all terrifying.

    Lastly, I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Dr Monica, the anesthesiologist, and nurses who helped me during my during my final stage of the IVF treatment. They were very supportive, made the whole procedure seem less terrifying! You guys were GREAT!

    We are already planning to go to Dr Monika for our second child if we still have issues getting pregnant naturally. 🙂

    PS : The only bad thing I have to say about the clinic is that, say if your appointment with the Doctor is at 11 am, by the time you see the doc will be around 12pm. I guess thats pretty normal in Abu Dhabi.I had a similar experience at another IVF clinic in Abu Dhabi 🙂