After being trying to conceive for 6 years and having no result at all with various treatments of western medicine and Ayurveda , we had almost given up the idea of even becoming family . I had an history of PCOS and Endometriosis. And I am also a victim of Hypothyroidism. When were about to give up the idea as no prayers and blessings were working on us. We came across FAKIH IVF clinic and randomly booked an appointment with Dr Monikaa . Dr Monikaa gave us the Hope and Positivity we were looking for all this time where at other places we were shattered with the complications we have but without providing us solutions. Dr. Monikaa prepared me for the IVF with the constant monitoring and the best possible advice. I did not have any self confidence that I could ever be pregnant because that is what you automatically start to think with your experiences. As much as I start meeting her I started have my self-confidence back. “yes I can do this” .. Finally we went through process of IVF . Everything was carried out very smoothly and precisely Fakih IVF has all the amazing people who could take of you. From doctors to the even the Core staff. They were very attentive to me and took care of my every need. Constantly checked upon me and always were informative. Today thanks to Dr Monikaa and the team we are Blessed with a healthy pregnancy of Twins. They did everything possible to make the process easy and smooth for us.
Every Dr can tell you what problems you have. But only Special Doctors does put their effort to find solutions for you. I am Blessed and glad god showed me the way to Dr Monikaa & Fakih IVF . Once again we want to thank the whole team at Fakih IVF for the amazing service and giving us our little miracles we were waiting for all this time . Thank you So much.