When u think of IVF don’t think twice. Fakih IVF is your solution. I am married since 2011 and never got pregnant. I did my first IVF in 2014 somewhere else in my country and failed.
After two months I came and met Mrs. Lama Rihana the manager. Lama, you are amazing and I love u so much. She immediately introduced me to Dr. Michael Fakih for consultation. I started the journey and in the end, I got a beautiful gift from god a baby boy. Dr. Michael supported me from A to Z.
After 5 years of trying to, I decided to have another child so I visited again Mrs lama and saw Dr. Michael Fakih as well and started another journey hopefully will end up with another gift.
Mrs. Lama, you are amazing, supportive, lovely, thank you for your kindness and help during my journey.
Dr. Michael Fakih, u built an empire. you are a true leader. May God protect you and give you health and keep the smile on peoples face.
Dear Nurses and staff you are amazing. La créme de la créme.
thank you all