Soup, a traditional dish at Iftar, a popular meal among all family members, comes with many types and flavors and provides you with many nutritional benefits:

  • Replenishes fluid lost during fasting
  • Warms stomach and may prevent bloating or stomach discomfort after a long day of fasting. It is often rich in fibers (e.g. vegetables, legumes) which also help maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Enriches your meal with protein, vitamins, and minerals, etc.
  • Provides a feeling of satiety, which helps you control your food portions at Iftar.

E.g. lentil soup, vegetable soup, chicken and rice soups, and oat soup. It is advisable to avoid creamy ones and instant soup as much as possible.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy a wide variety of nutritious soups during Ramadan with one each and every day!

Ramadan Kareem…

By Ms. Ayla Coussa

Clinical Dietitian