We understand making a baby is not easy when we are so used to having the things we need in a split second, that waiting can be a touch of disappointment. The two-week wait can feel excruciating now and again, and numerous women spend it feeling hopeful and searching for indications of pregnancy. You may feel disillusioned, resentful and furious each time you get your period.

Stress influences a women’s infertility in a negative way. Also, unfortunately, stress increases when we attempt to imagine quite a long time, creating a downward spiral that is difficult to break. Positive thinking has an important role to play here.

Tips to stay Positive when you are trying to conceive:

Say NO to Negativity – Positive and negative thinking can have an impact on all areas of your life. If you think negatively about a certain thing then you will definitely attract only negativity around you. If you had a negative pregnancy test, that means this month for you did not work out but it does not mean that it is not going to work out. You should stop seeing this as a failure and try to consider it as a part of a long process. If you are not getting pregnant right away, you are not alone! It takes time, even for the healthiest couples. We should accept the fact that it does not take the same amount of time for everyone to get pregnant and taking longer does not mean you are failing. Try thinking positive and gradually you will realize that you start to feel more positive about the whole thing. Surround yourself with people who can listen to you and your journey that have more of a positive approach and avoid discussing the subject with those who make you feel negative.

Appreciate the process: Desperately sitting tight for the day your period is not fun, peeing on sticks is not fun, seeing a negative outcome show up on the test is extremely awful. In any case, that is not all striving for a baby is! It is an ideal opportunity to organize and appreciate sex. Do not focus much on lets-make-a-baby-sex, which everyone knows can be fun for first few times. You should forget about the end game and just enjoy the moment. Do not be afraid to take a break for a while if it is taking time for you to conceive. It is also important to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Be a Busy Bee: The mission for conception can be an enthusiastic crazy ride, brimming with high expectation, dissatisfactions, and maddening stretches of waiting. So this is an opportunity to be additional pleasant to yourself and your life partner. That “month to month guest” has quite recently shown up. Treat yourself to whatever improves you feel—a nail trim, a chocolate milkshake, a back rub. Take yourselves out to supper and the most amusing, trashiest motion picture you can discover. It can also be the ideal time to book that outing you have generally longed for, regardless of whether you are on a financial plan, you could visit great friends or take an end of the week outdoors trip in some wonderful spot. The fact of the matter is to spoil yourself—you deserve it! Keeping yourself busy will give you less time to worry about whether you are pregnant or not and may leave you feeling a bit more positive about the whole thing.

Find yourself a support group: We understand that talking about trying to conceive can be little tricky and awkward especially when everyone around you seems to be falling pregnant. If you want to speak to women who can empathize with you and know what exactly you are going through, then look online. A recent study indicated that couples who sought support had improved fertility rates so sharing your story with them can be quite comforting.

There is a saying “I set my worries aside and I allow my body to do its job” and we hope you follow the statement above and start this year on a positive note.